Mar 18, 2017

The past

what a relief I could live and get through all shit. I don't said it's already over but yeah alhamdulillah for what I have now and ofc I won't turn back or look back. When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes, scars and heart ache. It has been a years. I won't forget what I did and what people did to me. You know what? Hargai orang is the best thing to make yourself happy. Let's have a look on myself lah kan from the past years haha. I saw arrogant, stubborn, ego and shit all the negative thingy lah! It's me. Yup it's fucking me. I don't said that oh i'm pretty bla bla shit but maybe my luck kot easy to find someone or should I say a boipren? eerrr I guess?? But the thing is, I never appreciate even bersyukur for what I had before. Allah selalu bagi the thing that I want but yeah too young to realize till I regret.. Tbh, I am not that easy. People thought me oh this girl so easy to get bcs of what? Bcs aku layan. I'm a type that always observe and analyze people. My otak fucking berjalan no no I thing it's running and never stop observing people hahaha. My habit. Well "Virgo strength keyword; Analytical-Observant-Precise" Hahahahha I am sooooooooooo proud to be virgo ok whatever. So when someone especially a guy datang to my life, sepantas kilat I found out a mistakes and then I leave or I make they leave. There's one guy.. I loved him so much. But love wasn't enough to stay I guess. WE NEED EFFORT. RELATIONSHIP NEED EFFORT. LOVE NEED EFFORT. Kasar & ego.. hell no for serious relationship. It's not good dude. My bad. I started all thing and then he change and then he leave and then he came back and then he make me tergantung like shit.. Ahhh there's no ending for us I guess (I cannot tell ya'll what happen bcs it is too panjang #sinetron300episod) 

It's really hard for me to move on at first. But one day, I just realize what's important for me.. I asked myself; bij, for how long you gonna wait for this guy who are not show his effort?????? You need a break. Some of my friends nasihat hey why not give other guy chances? So this time, mmg nekad and then someone's replying my instagram story... 

To be continue...

Xoxo, farah. 

Nov 13, 2016

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I just deleted all my oldzzzzzzzzzz post. Let's restart back. No mengarut and this time I promise even to myself? LOL. 

So today is a brand new day. A fresh start. Let just replace any negativity with positivity. Think happy thoughts. Inspire yourself. Leave the past. It's not too late to be brand new.